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Having excessive weight elevates your risk of suffering long-term health problems that can shorten your life. Even a modest drop in your weight can already deliver a number of health benefits.

It's only natural for anyone aiming to lose weight to wish to lose it in just a few months, if not weeks. To lose weight quickly but safely, here are some steps you can take.

Feed on apple daily - Apple carries a kind of fiber known as pectin which slows down the process of digestion and keeps you feeling satiated for longer periods. Consuming an apple before mealtime can also lower your calorie consumption overall. One study demonstrated that those who ate an apple before mealtime consumed 185 calories less during mealtime. What is in Phen375 ingredients and does it really work? Go here to read more about the product and what others say about it.

Drink plenty of water prior to a meal - Taking in water before mealtime can help fill your gut so you get full sooner and do not eat as much. One study revealed that those who downed two glasses of water before a meal dropped five pounds more than those who didn't.

Take in more vegetables - The higher water and fiber content in most vegetables make overeating when having them less likely. They also satisfy you quickly and keep you full longer but aren't as calorie-dense. Consume vegetables which are raw or steamed, not fried or breaded. Starting a meal with a vegetable salad or soup may help fill you up, so you eat less of your entrée.

Do high intensity interval training - Also called HIIT, this kind of workout alternates between intense bursts of activity and intervals of less-intensive activity. What's awesome about HIIT is that it enables you to burn more fat and calories than what you can burn after a workout that has the same pace through and through. Also, with HIIT you continue to burn calories after you're done working out. HIIT workouts also let you slim down without losing muscle mass.

Try supplements - While it is possible to slim down without using supplements, these products can offer a welcome boost so you could attain your health goals faster. One supplement which can help you help you shed weight quickly is Phen375. This supplement claims to raise your body's fat burning ability, reduce muscle loss while you are dieting, and keep your hunger levels down. To know more about things you do that make your metabolism luggish , please click this link.